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  • Fail Army
    Episode One
    Season 4, Episode 1
    22:33 Aired: Apr 21, 2017
    A half-hour version of Fail Army, Jukin Media's popular YouTube channel.
  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - April 21, 2017
    Season 54, Episode 264
    36:35 Aired: Apr 21, 2017
    Liz and Jason show a united front. Sonny causes trouble for Jax.
  • The Chew
    The Chew - April 21, 2017
    Season 6, Episode 149
    36:19 Aired: Apr 21, 2017
    Actress Katherine Heigl; Clinton Kelly creates a dish inspired by a vacation.
  • The Middle
    Adult Swim
    Season 8, Episode 20
    21:30 Aired: Apr 20, 2017
    While Frankie takes Axl suit-shopping, Mike threatens to get rid of the family summer pool if Sue and Brick don’t start using it.

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  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - April 17, 2017
    Season 54, Episode 260
    36:34 Aired: Apr 17, 2017
    Tracy disappoints the family; Alexis finds closure; Liz is distraught.
  • The Chew
    The Chew - April 17, 2017
    Season 6, Episode 145
    36:18 Aired: Apr 17, 2017
    Finding new uses for Easter candy; Clinton Kelly shares recipes inspired from social media in Tweet Treats.
  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - April 18, 2017
    Season 54, Episode 261
    36:34 Aired: Apr 18, 2017
  • The Chew
    The Chew - April 18, 2017
    Season 6, Episode 146
    36:20 Aired: Apr 18, 2017
    Author Morris Chestnut; a tasty appetizer; Michael Symon helps a viewer by turning their dish from disaster to winner.
  • Black-ish
    Richard Youngsta
    Season 3, Episode 19
    21:30 Aired: Mar 29, 2017
    Dre feels conflicted about doing a campaign with a rap star after Bow and Ruby suggest it plays on stereotypes; Bow tries to get the family to eat less takeout food.
  • Bones
    The End in the End
    Season 12, Episode 12
    43:44 Aired: Mar 28, 2017
    After Brennan experiences a setback, the rest of the team must continue the hunt for Kovac without her, putting everything she has ever taught them to the test.
  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - April 19, 2017
    Season 54, Episode 262
    36:36 Aired: Apr 19, 2017
    Nelle takes the high road; Hayden isn't sure about the future; Carly vows to punish Nelle.
  • Bob's Burgers
    Eggs for Days
    Season 7, Episode 14
    21:29 Aired: Apr 2, 2017
    After the Belcher parents have a little too much fun hiding Easter eggs, the entire family gets enlisted to find the lone egg quickly rotting in its hiding place.

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  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Dierks Bentley Has Mad Love for Elle King & Canada!
    01:01 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Elle King & Dierks Bentley tell us which performances they're looking forwarding to seeing at the GRAMMYs.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Carrie Underwood Tells Us Why The GRAMMYs Never Get Old.
    00:47 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    This isn't Carrie Underwood's first time at the GRAMMY Awards!
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    DAY 4: Tanya Kim in L.A. for the GRAMMYs
    00:42 Aired: Feb 14, 2017
    Our very own Tanya Kim is in L.A. and gives us an update on the GRAMMYs.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Celine Dion Shows Us How She Thinks Beyoncé Will Perform Tonight!
    01:38 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Which Canadian is Celine Dion Rooting For Tonight?
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Metallica and Gaga Are Shining in Their Shades
    00:55 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Lady Gaga and Metallica rock the red carpet.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Katy Perry Shows That Blondes Have More Fun
    00:49 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Katy Perry rocks Tom Ford at The 59TH Annual GRAMMY Awards.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    A Tribe Called Quest Dedicates their GRAMMY performance to Phife Dawg
    02:28 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    A Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhyme say this is Music's Biggest Night EVER
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    DNCE Goes Crazy Crazy Over Performing a BeeGees Song
    01:06 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Adam Wylde talks with DNCE about their tribute performance to the BeeGees.