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Don’t waste your money on bad video games, movies or gadgets! Hosted with wit and wisdom by Victor Lucas and Scott Jones, and featuring a collection of the best and brightest entertainment critics in North America, watch Reviews on the Run daily! Watch the latest episodes online or get the Citytv Video app.

No punches pulled! Nothing held back! Reviews on the Run delivers honest, off the cuff, articulate and entertaining opinions on the latest videogames, Blu Rays, theatrical movies and gadgets hitting the market. Hosted by award-winning videogame journalism veterans, Victor Lucas and Scott Jones, and now served piping hot and fresh daily with an assortment of talented reviewers from across North America.

Join Victor, Scott and their friends, Steve Tilley, Raju Mudhar, Ben Silverman, Jose Sanchez, Miri Jedeikin, Jeff Cannata and Tom Russo as they carve a path through the hype and lead you to the best entertainment the world has to offer.