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In season two of SUBURGATORY, George and Tessa slowly started to become what they swore they would never be: suburbanites. Now, as the third season begins, they must rediscover who they were and unite against a common enemy: Chatswin.

They burn their preppy clothes and country club membership and proceed as though it were the zombie apocalypse. The plan is for Tessa to graduate and then they'll both retreat back to Manhattan. Where they belong. It makes sense for Tessa, who is dreaming of the next stage of her life as a young adult in city, but when George re-visits, he finds the city abrasive and overcrowded; plus, there is nowhere for his dog. Maybe there is no going home again.

Maybe the next leg of Tessa's journey doesn't include him.... Meanwhile, Dallas is dealing with the fallout from ending her relationship with George and must work to rebuild the trust with Dalia, who is dearly missing Daddy Altman; and the Shays, feeling empty-nest syndrome with Ryan off to college, decide to explore the idea of a replacement child -- never mind that Lisa is still there and the nest technically isn't empty.

This season, it's all about strengthening family bonds and rethinking one's identity in SUBURGATORY

GEORGE - Jeremy Sisto (Law & Order)
TESSA - Jane Levy (Shameless)
DALIA ROYCE - Carly Chaikin (The Last Song)
LISA SHAY - Allie Grant (Weeds)
NOAH LERNER - Alan Tudyk (V)
DALLAS ROYCE - Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Emily Kapnek (Hung)