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  • EP Daily
    EP Daily - October 8, 2015
    22:00 Aired: Oct 8, 2015
    We discuss the latest on Rainbow Six Siege in the Rundown; DC Comics editor Mark Doyle for a look at all the new Robin comics; we have a behind the scenes look at Pan with Hugh Jackman; Rock Band 4 and the Star Wars: Rise Against reviews
  • The Chew
    The Chew - October 8, 2015
    36:18 Aired: Oct 8, 2015
    All hour long it's crunch time here at The Chew! We're saving you calories, money and time! Special guest Nancy Fuller
  • Modern Family
    The Closet Case
    Season 7, Episode 3
    21:27 Aired: Oct 7, 2015
    Phil has second thoughts after he helps Haley talk Claire into letting Dylan move in; Mitch accepts a job working for Jay's biggest rival; Cameron and Gloria cannot agree on how to handle Manny's girl problem.
  • Black-ish
    Dr. Hell No
    Season 2, Episode 3
    21:28 Aired: Oct 7, 2015
    Dre and Bow are shocked and concerned when Pops admits that he has not been to a doctor in several years.

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  • Modern Family
    Summer Lovin
    Season 7, Episode 1
    21:36 Aired: Sep 23, 2015
    Haley and Andy deal with their emotions in different ways; finding a preschool for Joe is more difficult than Jay and Gloria anticipated; when money gets tight, Cam wants Mitch to return to his former job.
  • Mat Franco's Got Magic
    Mat Franco's Got Magic
    Season 1, Episode 1
    01:25:45 Aired: Sep 17, 2015
    Magician Mat Franco performs at various locations as he travels from his home in Rhode Island to headline a show in Las Vegas; featuring appearances by Neil Patrick Harris, Heidi Klum, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Mraz and Penn & Teller.
  • Empire
    The Devils Are Here
    Season 2, Episode 1
    43:53 Aired: Sep 23, 2015
    Still in federal lockup, Lucious is trying to run Empire from inside, while a headline-grabbing state prosecutor hangs her political ambitions on bringing him down – no matter what it takes.
  • Package Deal
    How I Met Your Brother
    Season 2, Episode 4
    21:58 Aired: Oct 10, 2014
    When Danny and Kim tell the story of how they met, they learn the circumstances of their first date were very different than either had thought.
  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - October 5, 2015
    36:35 Aired: Oct 5, 2015
    A soap opera set in a hospital and the surrounding city of Port Charles.
  • The Chew
    The Chew - October 5, 2015
    36:09 Aired: Oct 5, 2015
    Today is all about trying new things and getting adventurous in the kitchen!
  • America's Got Talent
    Finale Performance
    Season 10, Episode 29
    01:25:29 Aired: Sep 15, 2015
    The contestants from the top 10 acts compete for the last time, and hope to win the competition and the $1 million prize.
  • EP Daily
    EP Daily - September 21, 2015
    22:01 Aired: Sep 21, 2015
    We've got a special episode of EP Daily coming straight to you from the streets of London, England! Vic and Marissa discuss the first DLC for Bloodborne in the Rundown; Jose has a new look at Chibi-Rono: Zip Lash for the Nintendo 3DS.

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    Tattoo Parlour
    03:12 Aired: Oct 9, 2015
  • Sunnyside
    Vote For Fred
    01:11 Aired: Oct 7, 2015
    Watch this Web Exclusive clip from Sunnyside.
  • Sunnyside
    Handy Hank
    02:08 Aired: 1
  • Modern Family
    Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT
    00:30 Aired: Sep 23, 2015
    Watch new episodes of Modern Family every Wednesday at 9pm ET/PT only on City.
  • Between
    108 - Chuck PT 2.
    01:59 Aired: Jun 24, 2015
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    107 - Felix & Vince
    01:53 Aired: Jun 17, 2015
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    106 - Ms Symonds
    01:53 Aired: Jun 10, 2015
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    105 - Ronnie
    02:20 Aired: Jun 3, 2015
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