Show Synopsis

Young astronauts beam aboard a space ship that uses energy generated by stretching and physical activity to solve problems in the universe.

Beam aboard and join the crew save the stars and planets too!

Space Stretch is a morning smoothie that blends live action, digital and stop motion animation, exercise and fun into an adventure that takes place aboard The Century Condor, a space ship with Captain Crash Tanga, his side-kick pilot Upside Downward Dog (Dee Dee), and LOU LOU Space Computer. Crash, Dee Dee and his crew do yoga stretches and balances on board the Condor as they explore the universe and fix any disturbances they happen upon.

Crash and his crew do yoga stretches and balances on-board the Condor as they travel to, explore, and solve unusual disturbances taking place in the solar system.

Let’s all stretch in space!