Show Synopsis

Welcome to Doowett a world of discovery, collaboration and musical monsters! Though his adventures seem small, the character Doowett gets big satisfaction from sharing his world with his monster friends. Doowett and his friends do not talk. Each character’s emotions are expressed by musical sounds and when they harmonize, they create a charming duet the length of each two-minute short.

Doowett is inquisitive by nature, always searching for opportunities to explore and play. He has a knack for turning discovery into adventure. For instance, a fresh snowfall is a chance to make a snowman! He clutches his tail when he becomes nervous, just like a safety blanket. His bright smile is infectious and Doowett is never short on friends to share in the fun.

Doowett’s friends Bass, Scales, Fermata, Rococo and Gustoso express themselves through a different musical sound. They are as varied as an ensemble orchestra. The characters are ambiguous in age and range in size from small to giant friendly monsters. Their designs are crafted to appeal to a young audience and physically reflect the sound they create.