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First Response: Paramedics is a fast-paced action-packed observational documentary pilot chronicling select EMT teams at Saskatoon’s MD Ambulance on calls ranging from minor mishaps to the life-threatening. In this episode, paramedics respond to several emergencies detailing the trials and tribulations of the life of a paramedic including an overturned car full of teenagers, an elderly woman slipping into a diabetic coma, a drunk man hit by a car at a high speed intersection, and a pair of stabbings. The positive response to this episode has led to more episodes being produced – look for them on City Saskatchewan in late 2017.
“We were approached by Fahrenheit Films with an opportunity to showcase to the public what our paramedics handle on a day-to-day basis” states Troy Davies, Director of Public Affairs MD Ambulance Care. “We are very proud of the finished product, and feel that this is a realistic representation of what our paramedics handle on a daily basis”.

“There are literally thousands of people in Saskatoon today that wouldn’t be if not for the life-saving efforts of the paramedics at MD Ambulance,” says show producer and director Antonio Hrynchuk, “Our goal for the program is to capture the kinetic, visceral experience of being a Saskatoon paramedic working on the front lines of life and death.”