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Canada's Got Talent

2021 . 

3 Seasons


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The biggest talent competition show in Canada is now even BIGGER! This season’s winner will walk away with a life-changing grand prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! The biggest prize in Canadian TV history and it’s all thanks to Rogers.



Applications – FAQs

Anyone at any age is welcome to apply. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must consent to your application.

We advise that you apply sooner rather than later.  You want to ensure enough time to complete subsequent rounds of casting.  The team will be assessing applications as they are received.

You can only apply once. All subsequent applications by the same individual or act will not be considered. However, you are welcome to apply as an individual as well as a part of an act.

Due to the large number of applications for Canada’s Got Talent, we are unable to contact each applicant. We will only contact those candidates who are selected to move forward in the casting process.

NO. You must complete your application in one session. You cannot access your application at a later time. You are advised to read and review the application and prep your visuals before starting.

We STRONGLY advise that you complete the application on a laptop or desktop computer.

When you submit your online audition, only ONE member should register on behalf of the group. This is because your group only needs one Application in our system.

You will receive a confirmation email from the team confirming that your application has been received. Make sure that you check your SPAM folder.

Feel free to contact us at with questions not answered above. Please allow up to 3 business days for a reply but rest assured, we will get back to you and we can’t wait to see your act!

Possibly, however, if you move forward in the process you cannot add any members or switch out any members of your group without approval from the Producers first.

If you are a singer, please pick a song that shows off your voice. Please sing a cappella and to an instrumental backing track.

All other acts can have a backing track to their performance. Please keep in mind, if you are speaking while showcasing your talent, we must clearly hear you.

Yes, you can say you have applied, however, you CANNOT post or share your audition videos that you submitted on your application with anyone. Do not share on social media networking sites, emails, news outlets, general public or with friends and family. This could lead to being disqualified from being considered for Canada’s Got Talent.

You are not allowed to talk about where you are in the casting process or if you are potentially being selected for the show. This includes talking to or providing photos, clips or quotes to any media or press outlet (including traditional newspapers, radio, magazines or television or online publications). This restriction applies even if the media approaches you. You are also not allowed to discuss potentially being selected for or participating in the show with the general public. In addition, you may NOT post anything on your social media networking sites (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) email, or otherwise disclose anything about your potential selection and/or participation on the show, regardless of medium (i.e, whether in person, via online posts, etc.) We take breaches of confidentiality very seriously, and a confidentiality breach could lead to elimination of or disqualification from Canada’s Got Talent.

No. All applications are free. You just need an internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone to record your application videos.

Judges for Canada’s Got Talent will NOT be reviewing your application. The Casting Team will be reviewing applications as they come in.

ALL Minors MUST have ONE parent or legal guardian consent to the application and audition process.

This year, we will be ‘auditioning’ acts via casting application only.

We strongly encourage those to apply sooner than later to allow enough subsequent rounds of casting. Applications will be reviewed upon receipt by the casting team.

If you are invited to move forward, it is your choice to accept the invitation, it is not an obligation.

There is no limit to members within a group because CGT is open to all talent!

You can nominate any performer you think deserves to audition for Canada’s Got Talent. Do not nominate yourself – use the main application form for this!

Yes! However please note the number of nominations received for an act does not increase the likelihood of that act being cast on Canada’s Got Talent.

Audience Tickets – FAQs

On acceptance of your tickets, you are expected to stay for the full duration of the requested taping (approximately 4 hours).

We recommend dressing the same way you would for a live concert or play. A reminder that the theatre runs cool for technical reasons, so please wear something that keeps you warm. We suggest something removable such as a light jacket, hoodie or sweater. No hats, sparkles, or logos please.

You cannot return tickets through Ticketmaster. If you are no longer able to attend, you may transfer your tickets to someone else.

Please refer to the time on your tickets and arrive early.

Parking is available in the Fallsview Casino Resort. More information can be found here:

Outside food and beverages will not be permitted inside the theatre. The concession stands will be open and refreshments can be purchased throughout the show.

No. All CGT tickets are free for our fans and never for sale. If you are offered tickets to purchase, please email us at

Tickets can be obtained through Ticketmaster and are subject to Ticketmaster’s terms and conditions.

Make sure to come back and check again! More tickets may be released ahead of the show dates. If you do not get tickets, we can add you to our Wait List – please email us There will also be a rush line on site which you can join ahead of each show.

You can complete an application through the Apply Now section of the official Canada’s Got Talent webpage on If you still have questions, email us at

Presently, we record in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We welcome audience members from all over Canada!

Email our audience team at We will aim to respond to you within 3 business days.

Covid restrictions or guidelines will be provided to you by the CGT Audience team, prior to the event. These guidelines will be based on public health measurements, in accordance with Government and Union Guidelines.

Current guidelines are the following:

Proof of full vaccination*


Proof of 2 (two) Negative Rapid Covid-19 tests, taken within 48 hours of attendance date. A time stamped photo will be accepted.

*You are considered fully vaccinated in Ontario if:

You have received the full primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine authorized by Health Canada, or any combination of such vaccines (two doses of Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Novavax, Medicago, AstraZeneca, including COVISHIELD) in any combination or one dose of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson); or a full or partial primary series of a non-Health Canada authorized vaccine plus any additional recommended doses of a Health Canada authorized COVID-19 vaccine to complete the primary series; and your final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days before providing the proof of being fully vaccinated

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Voting Rules

Viewers in Canada may vote for acts competing on the Canada’s Got Talent 2024 program (the “Program”) as follows:

    • Two acts (2 acts from the Eliminations episode) to proceed to the final competition; and
    • One act at the final competition as the ultimate winner of the Program.

At the applicable times, viewers must visit Viewers must login to register their votes. Each viewer is permitted to vote up to 3 times. The permitted 3 votes can be distributed between different acts. Voters will be prompted when they have reached their voting limit.

Voting is open for limited times as indicated during the Program. Once voting has closed, voting will be disabled until the next voting period opens or the final Canada’s Got Talent 2024 winner is announced during the broadcast.

If there are technical or other issues with online voting registration, Rogers Media Inc., d/b/a Rogers Sports & Media (the “Promoter”) and producer of the Program (the “Producer”) reserve the right to discount non-confirmed votes (as applicable) and announce the result of the vote without including those affected votes.

The Promoter and the Producer reserve the right to discount votes if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that the votes have been made from outside Canada, from unofficial third-party voting services or otherwise in breach of these terms and conditions.

If for any reason there is a discrepancy between results that are announced on the Program and those given on any other platforms, then the results that are announced will prevail and the vote shall proceed on that basis.

In addition, the Promoter and the Producer reserve the right to disqualify any acts if they have reasonable grounds to suspect votes were received in violation of these Voting Terms and for any other reason in Producer’s discretion.

It is not possible to vote via any method other than at, via desktop or mobile device.

Voting will be opened and closed as specified in the Program.

Viewers are limited to 3 votes per voting window, whether the viewer votes on desktop and/or mobile devices. Only individuals located in Canada may vote.

The outcome of the votes will be shown in the Program as follows:

From Eliminations to the Finals

Two acts from the remaining acts in the Eliminations episode (i.e., those with the highest number of votes from the Canadian public) will proceed to the final competition. If there is a tie in the public vote for any act(s), the judges will determine which act(s) will proceed to the final episode. The judges’ decision will be final as will the head judge.

The Finals

During the final episode of the Program, the act with the most valid viewer votes will be declared the winner of the competition.

If the public vote for the winner of Canada’s Got Talent 2024 is tied, the judges will determine the winner. The aggregate totals of valid viewer votes for the applicable acts from the Elminations stage will be made available to the judges. If the judges’ votes are tied, the head judge will have the deciding vote.

Any variation on the format of elimination as set out in these terms and conditions will be announced in the Program and such format (as announced in the Program) will prevail.


If any of the acts are unable to perform or are prevented from fully performing in the Program for any reason including, without limitation, medical reasons, then the Producer will in their sole discretion decide whether that act will continue in the competition, having regard to all circumstances and information available to them at the relevant time. The Producer will in their sole discretion determine if another act may be allowed to enter the competition.

If the outcome of a vote cannot be reasonably determined because of a technical failure or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter, the Producer, their agents, or sub-contractors, then the judges’ decision will determine the outcome and the judges’ decision will be final.

If any vote is cancelled, then the judges will decide on the outcome of the vote or the vote will be postponed at the Promoter’s and Producer’s discretion. Any decision by the judges or by the Promoter and Producer will be final.

Promoter: Rogers Sports & Media, 333 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, M4W 1G9

Producer:  Talented Canada 3 Productions Inc., 1183 King St West, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3C5

Promoter’s website terms and conditions and acceptable use policy apply. To view these terms, please click here Terms & Conditions – Rogers Sports & Media (

Producer’s privacy policy also applies.

If there is any inconsistency between these voting rules and the documents indicated above, these rules shall prevail.