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  • 24: Legacy
    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    Season 1, Episode 4
    44:54 Aired: Feb 20, 2017
    Grimes has information for Carter that might lead them to the terrorist; Nilaa is sequestered and questioned by Rebecca at the Donovan compound.
  • 2 Broke Girls
    And the Jessica Shmessica
    Season 6, Episode 17
    21:17 Aired: Feb 20, 2017
    Bobby invites Caroline to meet his family, but she isn’t prepared for the torch that his mother and sisters still carry for Bobby’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Scorpion
    Dirty Seeds, Done Dirt Cheap
    Season 3, Episode 17
    42:24 Aired: Feb 20, 2017
    Happy, Sylvester and Cabe suffer from life-threatening, fear-based hallucinations after a simple mission to protect a vital seed bank goes awry.
  • The Bachelor
    Episode Nine
    Season 21, Episode 9
    01:25:23 Aired: Feb 20, 2017
    Nick travels with the remaining bachelorettes to their hometowns, where he meets their families; a surprise visitor before the rose ceremony has the potential to alter Nick's course.

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  • The Chew
    The Chew - February 15, 2017
    Season 6, Episode 107
    36:19 Aired: Feb 15, 2017
    Actor Luke Wilson.
  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - February 14, 2017
    Season 54, Episode 216
    36:33 Aired: Feb 14, 2017
    Franco struggles with his dark side. Nelle pushes her luck. Finn’s behavior becomes erratic. Michael is tasked with a tough decision. Julian feels powerless.
  • General Hospital
    General Hospital - February 15, 2017
    Season 54, Episode 217
    36:33 Aired: Feb 15, 2017
    Anna demands answers. Nathan plays peacemaker. Curtis flirts with danger. Dillon surprises Kiki. Scott tries to calm Ava.
  • Scorpion
    Season 3, Episode 15
    41:53 Aired: Feb 6, 2017
    Team Scorpion's job to find sunken treasure goes awry when Walter and Paige's boat explodes, leaving them lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by sharks.
  • The Bachelor
    Episode Six
    Season 21, Episode 6
    01:23:18 Aired: Jan 30, 2017
    After two women are sent home, the group travels to New Orleans; Nick takes a date to a LOLO concert; tensions run high between the women on a two-on-one date.
  • The Chew
    The Chew - February 17, 2017
    Season 6, Episode 109
    36:18 Aired: Feb 17, 2017
    Actress Chrissy Metz.
  • The Mick
    The Country Club
    Season 1, Episode 7
    21:02 Aired: Jan 31, 2017
    The Pembertons return to their country club to restore their family reputation, but Mickey gets into a fight with the phony country club ladies.
  • Hell's Kitchen
    Tequila Shots?
    Season 16, Episode 15
    43:01 Aired: Jan 26, 2017
    The chefs create a unique dining experience for a group of well-known chefs; chef Andi and chef Aaron work to sabotage the chefs as they run a dinner service with famous diners.

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  • The Bachelor
    The Morning After: Sharleen Joynt Talks Episode 7 of The Bachelor!
    Season 1, Episode 7
    06:50 Aired: Feb 13, 2017
    Sharleen Joynt Talks Episode 7 of The Bachelor
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Dierks Bentley Has Mad Love for Elle King & Canada!
    01:01 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Elle King & Dierks Bentley tell us which performances they're looking forwarding to seeing at the GRAMMYs.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Carrie Underwood Tells Us Why The GRAMMYs Never Get Old.
    00:47 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    This isn't Carrie Underwood's first time at the GRAMMY Awards!
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    DAY 4: Tanya Kim in L.A. for the GRAMMYs
    00:42 Aired: Feb 14, 2017
    Our very own Tanya Kim is in L.A. and gives us an update on the GRAMMYs.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Celine Dion Shows Us How She Thinks Beyoncé Will Perform Tonight!
    01:38 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Which Canadian is Celine Dion Rooting For Tonight?
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Metallica and Gaga Are Shining in Their Shades
    00:55 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Lady Gaga and Metallica rock the red carpet.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    Katy Perry Shows That Blondes Have More Fun
    00:49 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    Katy Perry rocks Tom Ford at The 59TH Annual GRAMMY Awards.
  • The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®
    A Tribe Called Quest Dedicates their GRAMMY performance to Phife Dawg
    02:28 Aired: Feb 12, 2017
    A Tribe Called Quest & Busta Rhyme say this is Music's Biggest Night EVER