Wong & Winchester

Wong & Winchester

2023 . 

1 Seasons


Wong & Winchester is a light and fun female driven procedural about an ex-cop turned private eye, Marissa Wong (GRACE LYNN KUNG), who ends up being forced to work with Sarah Winchester (SOFIA BANZHAF), an inexperienced young woman fresh out of university. In each episode, the unlikely duo attempt to solve their client’s cases, which often end up being far more dangerous than they first appear. Marissa is a messy, snide ex-cop with mother issues and a disastrous love life with her former partner Martin Simard (ANTHONY LEMKE). When Gary Johnson (JOE COBDEN), her partner at the newly formed detective agency, hires his niece to be her driver, Marissa couldn’t be more annoyed. Sarah, who is bubbly, over-educated and consciously ethical, has an annoying abundance of enthusiasm. However, Marissa begrudgingly starts to acknowledge that Sarah’s actually pretty helpful in solving cases. She’s good at things Marissa fails at, like interpersonal skills, attention to detail and having a valid driver’s license. Even if Sarah drives her crazy along the way.